Our Services

Office Cleaning

A clean, hygienic office space is more important than ever in this Covid-19 era.

Our team will make sure your offices and communal areas including kitchens, dining areas and restrooms are clean and tidy.

Through our regular, scheduled cleaning we’ll ensure your offices and all regular touch points stay fresh and hygienic.

Window Cleaning

We offer a safe, efficient window cleaning service however big your building.
We’ve invested in a specialist system which is capable of cleaning 80 feet up (that’s six storeys high) from the ground up, without the need for a platform.
If your premises is bigger than that, we have all the equipment needed to ensure your windows remain crystal clear.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Any premises with a hard floor needs specialist cleaning to make sure its maintained property.

We have a range of equipment to suit all kinds of hard flooring, from sports halls and changing rooms to school dining areas.

Our team will ensure your floors are kept, clean, hygienic and stain free.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery are the first things to look tried and unclean in communal areas.

Our deep cleaning, specialised kits will get rid of dirt, grime and stains.

Our team will make sure they stay looking clean and good as new.

End of Tenancy Cleans

If you own property and rent it out, we understand it needs to look tidy and clean before your new tenants move in.

Our specialist team of cleaners will carry out any decluttering and deep cleaning needed to ensure your property is left spotless and clean ready for the new tenants to collect the keys.

Builders Cleans

Property developments, renovations and refurbishments can sometimes be left in a mess once the contractors vacate the building.

Dust, plastering and paint can all leave their toll.

Our team will come in and make sure no trace is left ready for the moving in date.

Multi Occupancy Buildings: Cleaning of Common Areas

Communal areas where there’s high footfall can soon become dirty, tired and unclean.

Stairwells, stars, landings, foyers, lifts and kitchen areas need regular cleaning to ensure they stay looking fresh. Our team can make sure they’re cleaned to a highest standard to ensure a good impression to visitors.

Estate Management: Cleaning of Car Parks and Service Areas

Our team can stay on top of your serviced areas including car parks, driveways and lifts.

Whether you need litter picking, steam cleaning or areas that need pressure washing we can help.

Pressure Washing

Algae and moss can soon build up in outside areas, whether that’s on driveways, outside shopping precincts, office exteriors or care homes.

First impressions count and we can make sure any communal areas outside are kept, fresh and clean with our specialist pressure washing service.

Removal of Graffiti

Using a combination of specialised chemicals and a pressure washer our trained staff can get rid of graffiti quickly and efficiently.

We offer a 24-7 emergency call out service so if the unexpected happens we can make sure it’s removed quickly so you’re not left waiting around.

Chewing Gum Removal

Discarded chewing gum is unsightly and unhygienic.

Using ultra hot steam equipment our team can make sure its removed quickly and efficiently with a minimum amount of fuss.

Cladding and Render Cleaning

The exterior of your building can soon become tired looking and dirty.

Our trained experts can ensure they’re kept looking good as new with our cladding and render cleaning services.

Using a specialised mix of environmentally friendly chemicals and hot water we can make sure your cladding, soffits, gutters and roofs stay clean and look clean.

Gutter cleaning

No matter how many storeys high your business premises is, our trained team can ensure gutters are kept clean and clear of any unsightly debris.

Our specialist equipment – called a Skyvac interceptor, allows us to clean gutters from the ground up to 40ft, that’s four storeys’ high.

If your building is higher than that we have trained operators, who using specialist equipment, to ensure health and safety can go as high as 200 feet. Whatever your gutter cleaning needs our team can help.

Pest control

Unwanted visitors are always a worry. Whether your pest control issue is a colony of ants or a rat or mouse infestation we can get rid of them for you.

We also offer a 24-7 emergency call out service so if your problem can’t wait, you won’t have to.